Vlad Dorofte
Vlad Dorofte


FINALIST – BEST DIRECTOR OF A SHORT FILM for The Glove short film, Independent Filmmakers Festival Berlin (Nov. 2016)

WINNER BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY IN A SHORT FILM for The Glove short film, Independent Filmmakers Festival Berlin (Nov. 2016)

AWARD OF MERIT for The Glove short film, Depth of Field International Film Festival, USA (Feb. 2016)

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY NOMINEE for Experiment short film at Short of the Month Film Festival, India (December 2014)

WON 1st PRIZE at an online photography contest in 2007 which had Dinu Lazar, a famous Romanian photographer, as a main jury member


jagran depth-of-fieldberlin-regie



Birth info: 

12th of Dec.1983, Onesti, ROMANIA


Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of International Economic Transactions, Bucharest

Occupation and abilities:

Film Director, Screenwriter & Writer

Film editing, Photography

Vlad Dorofte discovered film at the age of 5 in an environment powerfully censored by the Romanian communist system during a period when access to information and entertainment was very scarce.

During primary school when communism had fallen,  he would have already grown fond of photography and painting. Since he had little talent at drawing and even less at painting he started playing with his father’s small photo camera and soon he started to invest time and his little savings as a schoolboy in his photo hobby.

It is during his high-school period that he began to discover the work of great film directors and began to understand what filmmaking is about and the stages it involves.

This fresh decision of becoming a filmmaker drove his actions for over a decade of hard work and savings to help him pursue this yearning.

Though he worked on several small independent projects along this time, it is year 2014 that marked his firm investment in this field.

He is now writing, directing, producing as well as writing film critique and reviews for film festivals (TMFF Film Fest, BELIFF Film Fest). He is also a film festival jury member (TMFF) and a film festival co-founder (BELIFF).


The Glove

The Glove is shot; the rest of the road is paved with several festival selections, positive reviews and nominations and an Award of Merit; banking and insurance can finally be left behind 🙂

The ideea

He discovers an old idea saying ‘an old homeless with one hand finds a glove in the street that perfectly fits him’; the script for The Glove is born

First camera

Buys first film equipment and tests it by shooting a short film exercise that gets nominated for best cinematography at ShortOfTheMonth film festival.

Being a manager

Becoming a manager in the insurance industry

First prize

Achieving a Photography Diploma and winning the first prize at a Photo contest


Directing workshop and starting to sell insurance with his best friend


Studying Economics and decided the least personal appealing industries to work in are banking and insurance

The Decision

Decided he wanted to give up his aim of becoming a manager in exchange for filmmaking

Fan of the big screen

Catching every film at the local cinema

The first cinema experience

The first visit at the local cinema – where he would hardly enjoy the film because his parents kept covering his eyes during the violent or hot scenes.

First contact with film

Some video cassettes with a couple of available films at the time and few Disney cartoons watched in secret with the sound volume turned down not to be discovered by the communist censorship police


December – rain, followed by snow; 11.05 a.m.